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Customized for your skin type


Petite Facial- Customized for your skin type

A basic cleansing facial that does not include  extraction or neck and shoulder massage

60 Minute$70
50 Minutes $61

Classic Facial

Ideal for all skin types, this deep cleansing facial is customized to suit your skin’s specific needs. Relax as your skin is exfoliated and steamed as your pores are gently extracted. Take pleasure as a soothing neck and shoulder massage is performed, followed by the perfect mask, and a veil of moisturizer.

60 Minutes $65

Gentlemen Facial

Formulated specifically for men, this treatment targets ingrown hair and clogged pores while promoting total relaxation. A treatment mask tightens and firms, while a gentle facial massage detoxifies and enhances muscle tone by refining pores and hydrating the skin for a refreshed, clean, and dynamic look.


Teen Facial (age 17 and under)

Specifically for teen problem skin and teen oily skin prone to breakouts. This treatment introduces you to proper skincare and specifically addresses your most common concerns. Skin impurities are gently polished away with a deep enzyme exfoliation, followed by gentle steam and your ideal treatment mask. Your complexion emerges wonderfully cleansed and visibly soothed… putting your best face forward


30 Minutes$50

Glycolic and Lactic


60 Minutes$85

Peel with Facial

Glycolic/Lactic Acid Facials are useful for individuals with:

  • Superficial wrinkles of the face, neck, upper chest
  • Unequal pigmentation
  • Superficial acne scars on the face
  • Oily skin
  • Age spots
  • Enlarged facial pores


$15 each or all 3 for $40.

Add on to any facial~ Neck Treatment, Lip/Eye treatment

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