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tatiannaTatiana Vaiano –
Massage Therapist – MA44530

My name is Tatiana Vaiano. I have been a massage therapist since June 2005. I received my Oncology massage training through Toni Muirhead in 2012. It was a life changing experience and I plan on continuing my Oncology education as much as possible. I am very excited to be able to provide spa services in a safe and comfortable environment for Oncology patients. Together with SerenBe’s Oncology Esthetician, Ellie, we hope we can make SerenBe the place to be for your serenity through what can be ones hardest time. There are many things to take into consideration when you are going through treatment and even during recovery. We at SerenBe consider SAFETY and COMFORT to be on our top priority list. Based on your current condition and needs, we will customize any service to accommodate you.

Oncology massage training assures a survivor their therapist will:

  • Not create lymph edema
  • Not mobilize a deep vein thrombosis (blood clot)
  • Not compromise your possible immunosuppressed state
  • Not send chemotherapy through your body more quickly than intended
  • Not over-tax your already exhausted body
  • Not cause injury from long term side effects of treatment
  • Understand palliative care
  • Not do scar work or MLD without extra training
  • Understand the emotional journey

ellieEllie Vargas – Esthetician – FB9746464

Like many others I have been personally touched by cancer, through the diagnosis of friends and family members.  Recently, my eyes were opened to an innovative and highly necessary new branch of skin care – Oncology Esthetics.  I saw this as an opportunity to put my years of experience, training, skill and passion for helping others to good use.  I received my Aesthetic license in Maryland in 2009 and relocated to the Tampa Bay Area in 2012 with my husband and two children.  In July 2013, I received my Oncology Esthetician Certification through an intense training course with Touch for Cancer. An understanding of how to safely and effectively treat the skin is highly important to the physical and psychological care of a client.  At SerenBe Day Spa we take precautions and learn about your specific case before choosing treatment and products.

Many studies show the importance and power of touch, such as through facial or massage.  It can lift your mood and reduce pain, anxiety, nausea and fatigue.

Oncology Esthetics Advance Certification Training Provides the Knowledge and Skills to:

  • Understand cancer, current treatments and side effects of those treatments.
  • Perform skin cancer screenings and know when to refer dermatologists for medical assessment and treatment.
  • Provide non-invasive and beneficial spa treatments specially designed for cancer patients.
  • Share specialized knowledge about good, affordable skin products and ingredients.
  • Recommend and administer safe and beneficial skin treatments based on client’s medical history, and skin condition(s).
  • Assist with re-creating of brows, lashes and use of makeup to enhance the client’s looks to ensure they look as normal as possible.
  • Listen with compassionate ears, build trust by respecting each client’s privacy, medical condition and build the client’s confidence that the treatments we provide will ensure them a higher quality of life.

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